CDS Agents UK

CDS Agents UK

CDS Agents UK. Among the global trading communities, Osborn Customs Services has been ranked the highest company in respect of dealing with customs and trading matters including customs declaration, customs clearance, haulage, freight, transportation, etc. Under the supervision of our professionals, we have experts CDS agents in the UK to facilitate you with the best, reliable and authentic.

Why do you need the services of CDS agents?

CDS Agents UK

The leading question that arises is that why do you need CDS agent, especially if you are a traveller or a trader. Although, if you are a traveller or a trader, you must have come to know that the customs agency requires you to pay duty tax on goods you are carrying with you to the other country. The rules and regulations of a country are supposed to list details of the goods importing from next territory or border. So, the process of Customs Declaration service is required in the international movement of goods especially between Europe and non-European countries.

While entering a customs territory, the details of goods that are being imported or exported are listed by customs declaration to manage safety and security standards. In the meantime, it can be turned to be exhausted and troublesome for a common person who is dealing with such a situation for the first time. Our CDS agents make it flexible for you in context to secure you from any trouble and documentation procedure.

The specifications of our CDS agents:

  • Our CDS agents are experienced, experts and prior to all, they are trustworthy.
  • They are completely aware of all the know-how regarding Customs Declaration Services.
  • Our CDS agents are not only competent but they have complete acknowledgement over the issues of Customs declaration documentation.
  • We are linked with ‘Authorized Economic Operator’ by HM Revenue and Customs.

The Objectives of CDS you need to know and how our CDS agents help

you in this regard

Customs Declaration Service has been introduced as a new electronic customs declaration system by HMRC in the appeal to accommodate the process modifications and procedure to the EU legislation taken by the Union Customs Code. It is meant to replace Custom Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF). This means that CDS and CHIEF will run in parallel for a short period of time, and import declarations will be made in CDS whilst export declarations will continue to be made in CHIEF. 

The implementation of customs declaration service secures the trade documentation list. Our CDS agents in the UK deploy a coherent and functional strategy to our customers concerning to avail equivalent supply chain standards up to matching the government’s enforced laws for trading and transportation. We meet our customer’s expectations first. The validation and affirmation are considered a complete process done by CDS agents very keenly and competitively.

Osborn Customs Services Ltd bragged to have a competitive and professional panel of CDS agents covering all over the UK, serving galore supply chain services and exceptional customs declaration services.

Customs Declaration is mandatory to control the goods that can affect the country’s reputation in the domain of its economic growth and security standards. It needs a full procedure with minute details from documentation to validation. Our CDS agents are authorized over the government’s principles about customs declaration and its documentation, form filling procedure. The customs declaration is also used to calculate tariffs. Moreover, some goods are prohibited and illegitimate to enter one’s border, while some countries allow them. Our CDS agents give a full-fledged consultation in this respect so that you can avoid with a heavy-duty or customs taxes.

Contact us today to get the services of our competitive CDS agents covering all over the UK, as our testimonials speak highly in the respective domain of our most trustworthy Customs declaration services along with the intriguing strategy of our CDS agents. Our representatives are available 24/7 to serve you best.

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