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Customs Declaration Services

Let’s have secure trading ahead with Osborn Customs Services Ltd with its exceptional packages and offers including customs declaration services. Custom is charged, as we are aware especially traders and merchants, over a load of goods you carry from one country to another, and sometimes it can be assumed a heavy sum of money. It includes shipment and cargo too, and the custom depends up to the weight of the goods whether you want to transfer or to import. In order to fill the customs declaration services form, people have to face multiple abysses. Documentation filling requirement is considered primary for both the exporter and foreign importer when a country allows a person or the imported goods to enter its border from another country. It is based on security and safety standards.

Customs Declaration

Osborn Customs Services LTD propounds its customers the reliability regarding custom declaration service and lets you get awareness about the types it is supposed to have.

  • A Custom Landing Card:

If you are travelling to another country with goods, you are supposed to fill custom landing card on the basis of safety standards. EU custom declaration has complete criteria to check the goods through a proper legitimate verification. The tax is required in accordance with weight.

  • Import Declaration:

Transportation of your goods through shipment or cargo goes through the standard criteria of customs declaration services form. To meet the requirements of form filling is also known as a commercial invoice or import declaration. The European Union has authority over the European Commission for Taxation and Customs Unions.

Besides, most countries especially require a customs declaration services for particular items including drinks, seeds, food, alcoholics, animals, soils, plant material, etc.

With the collaboration of our AEO agents the UK, Osborn Customs Services hope our travellers have a safe and sound journey while entering to foreign countries in order to meet EU transportation standards implementation issued by Custom administrations. People have to pay taxes over the goods they import or export but we make it easy to fill all basic requirements and custom declaration standards. We are awarded the status of Authorized Economic Operator by HM Revenue and Customs. Therefore, it sheds light to the worth and reliability the way we manage Custom Declaration issues under the complete legitimate conditions.

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