Customs clearance Felixstowe

Widely known as the busiest container port in the UK, customs clearance for Felixstowe needs to be handled by a company that can deliver. At Osborn Customs it’s our business to ensure every package, container or shipment is processed quickly, safely and with the backing or our team of experts.

Osborn provide tailored customs clearance for Felixstowe along with shipping hubs and ports across the UK, including Southampton, Thamesport, Liverpool and Tilbury. We’re confident that we can take care of your customs clearance requirements with speed, reliability and experience. We have many customers that use PFL and whether they’re an importer or exporter, they know that for the best customs clearance in Felixstowe, you call Osborn Customs Services.

Our Customs Clearance in Felixstowe:

As leaders in the field of customs clearance, Felixstowe is just one node in our interconnected network of shipping centres that we’re able to service swiftly and effectively – our professional staff include logistics, technical and customs experts that are able to advance your customs clearance with speed and efficiency. We aim to make the entire shipping process as seamless as possible, taking over where your own shipping procedures leave off and achieving customs clearance as smoothly as possible.

If you’re not sure you need someone to assist with customs clearance in Felixstowe, we’d always advise the use of a customs clearance agent like Osborn – simply because the documentation and procedures involved in clearance are always evolving, and it’s our job to keep track of this complex system in order to provide you with a customs clearance solution that delivers. With all the requisite guarantees, authorisations and facilities, we can ensure you don’t overpay VAT, duty or fees and provide HMRC declarations for you.

For customs clearance in Felixstowe Osborn offer export procedures that include both temporary and permanent export, restoration, re-export and bonded warehousing; for imports we can provide VAT payment, diplomatic services, and customs approved bonded warehousing at our own 45,000 sq ft facility.

From Thamesport and Tilbury to Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton – Osborn Customs provide expert customs clearance from coast to coast.

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