Customs Clearance Liverpool

Serving more than a hundred different locations, customs clearance in Liverpool has to be swift and accurate – that’s why you need Osborn Customs Services. With a strong connection to Irish ports and a diverse range of imports from cocoa to crude oil, steel and chemicals, Liverpool has seen recent growth and healthy projections into the future. Choose Osborn and we can make customs clearance in Liverpool a painless and hassle-free process.

Expert Custom Clearance Services

Osborn Customs Services have been providing customs clearance in Liverpool for years, as well as other shipping ports such as Southampton, Tilbury and Belfast. Our vast experience will ensure your customs clearance will be handled by our professional team of experts, and with hundreds of companies using LIV as their base for import and export, many of them turn to Osborn for customs clearance in Liverpool.

With excellent road and rail access to many parts of the country, customs clearance in Liverpool is just one of the many shipping hubs that we deal with, our network reaches far and wide across other ports and airports – and this allows us to provide a high standard of customs clearance throughout the UK. Our logistics and customs experts will be able to provide you with customs clearance solutions for even the most complex process requests, and it’s our intent to enhance any logistics or customs procedures you may already have in place with our own streamlined processes to achieve swift and smooth customs clearance in Liverpool.

Our Customs Clearance in Liverpool

At Osborn we know the ins and outs of customs clearance intimately – and although you could undertake it yourself, we’re well aware of the pitfalls that could stall or even halt your customs clearance in Liverpool. The complex documentation and mandatory processes are updated constantly, which is why we maintain up to the minute knowledge of all the customs clearance practices in place at each port, together with making any HMRC declarations required. One of the benefits of using a customs clearance agent like ourselves is that we can often save you money from overpaying VAT, duty or liable fees.

Whether you import or export, customs clearance in Liverpool is simpler with Osborn – our export procedures include both permanent and temporary export, re-export, restoration and bonded warehousing; and our import services include everything from diplomatic services and making VAT payments, to customs approved bonded warehousing at our very own 45,000 square feet secured facility.

From Tilbury to Belfast, Manchester, Felixstowe and Dartford – Osborn Customs Services provide expert customs clearance from coast to coast.

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