Customs Clearance Tilbury

Boasting an advantageous geographical position to the M25, customs clearance in Tilbury can be handled swiftly and effectively by Osborn Customs Services. From paper and grain to more diverse cargo, Tilbury has a direct rail connection to the rest of the UK, making it a favourite port for offloading time sensitive goods. With Osborn we can simplify your company’s custom clearance needs – securely, reliably and as efficiently as possible.

With years of experience we have a long history of providing customs clearance for Tilbury, together with many of the shipping hubs in the UK – from Thamesport and Liverpool to Manchester and Southampton. Our expertise means your customs clearance requirements will be processed quickly and accurately, and with a host of our customers using LON as an export and import focus, they know that customs clearance in Tilbury is better with Osborn Customs Services.

With its enviable position close to the capital, customs clearance in Tilbury is only one of the shipping centres we service, our interconnection with other ports and airports allows us to offer fast and efficient customs clearance, and our technical, logistical and customs experts can provide solutions to even the most complex customs clearance requests. We process and manage complete customs clearance solutions, complementing your own logistics processes with enhanced procedures that allow us to achieve effective customs clearance in Tilbury.

Our Expert Customs Clearance in Tilbury

Customs clearance is not a simple process, and although you could undertake it yourself, we always suggest using a customs clearance agent like Osborn – the minefield of complex documentation and required procedures is evolving all the time, and it’s easy to miss some small detail that could cause a shipment to be delayed or held. At Osborn Customs Services we have complete knowledge of the processes involved in a hassle-free customs clearance; we’ll make HMRC declarations and can help you to avoid overpaying of VAT, duty or liable fees.

Whatever your business, customs clearance in Tilbury goes smoother with Osborn – we provide export processes that include temporary and permanent export, restoration, bonded warehousing and re-export too; our import solutions include making VAT payments, diplomatic services and customs approved bonded warehousing at our 45,000 sq ft secure facility.

From Southampton to Manchester, Dartford, Felixstowe and Belfast – Osborn Customs Services provide expert customs clearance from coast to coast.

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