Export Clearance Services

Export Clearance Services

Osborn Customs Services has been the top recognized company serving to its customers for years regarding all aspects of transportation.

Do you want to export your goods to another country?                                                         

Osborn Customs Services LTD provides exceptional export clearance regardless of your where or how your goods enter the country.By air, shipments, freight, haulage and all other sources are offered to facilitate you the way you long to. Across the border, it’s your right to expand the popularity of your business. You can now export your cargo through our reliable export services in the UK.

While transporting your goods to another country, it’s risky to appoint an unfamiliar agent or his services. We wish you good luck to join us in order to export whatever you wish to with 100% satisfaction as Osborn Customs Services is the one awarded the status of AEO by HM Revenue and Customs. You can ensure your safety and security standards with us. Dealing with global trading community, either you want commercial transport of goods in order to increase your trading business or you are wishing to send loads of personal stuff to relatives residing to next border, you can make sure the secure entity now by getting the benefits of our services.

Export Clearance Services

How can we facilitate you?

  •  We access 24/7 to the coverage of all important borders
  • Interconnected with government agencies so that you can export your goods securely.
  •  Export clearance services are provided under the supervision of our expertise AEO agents the UK
  • We implement technology solutions. In concern to reporting and your electronic documentation, management and import compliance is easier than ever.
  • Our warehouses are established strategically at the primary all the primary ports so that you can avail our export clearance services in the blink of an eye.

Global trade compliance comes with time-consuming processes referring to long waited documentation procedures, a number of vendors to oversee, multiple trade customs and standards to track. In a competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to waste your time and money slowed by compliance hurdles – especially when it relates to export customs clearance. Osborn Customs Services on behalf of your business’ prosperity offers its exclusive and exceptional export clearance services in the UK. Our export clearance experts stand to speed your product to market, keep shipping charges in check and alleviate the hurdles which are supposed to come in your way with customs issues.We never let anything to decrease the value in regard to our customer’s supply chain management. With multiple end-to-end solutions, Osborn Customs Services turns the rough path into smooth to ensure your cargo and shipment reach its destination quickly by meeting the high legitimate standards of export clearance services in the UK.


Multiple reasons are there behind choosing us. Let’s have a look:

  • We have been awarded the status of Authorized Economic Operator. Although your shipment is secured in our hands meeting legitimate government standards and policies regarding export clearance services in the UK.
  • Fast and active processing of shipments, freights, document transmission, and

inspection facilitation process

  • Export clearance, transportation criteria and documentation are driven by electronic and technologically based services
  • Compliance Training by our experienced Global Trade Management agents coordinates and optimize the logistical, financial and regulatory elements of your global supply chain.

Export clearance service in the UK offered by Osborn Customs Services LTD consider your needs and requirements as priority. We never let our customer to get disappointed with delays of delivery but we are accustomed and determined to timely deliveries to any international trader. We go through from a proper procedure from documentation to its delivery.

Moreover, all these services including export clearance service have been offered in economical rates, within your budget. The prices can have different status according to its essentials and specifications. Come and get advantage now with our exceptional export clearance service, expanded all over the United Kingdom.

For further information, call us and get consultation. We are responsive and we are actively available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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